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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Manager

The Manager

OOoooo the Manager. My Manager, was what kept me busy during and after the Cherry. The Manager was also someone that I have met in person before however we didn’t know that until we reacquainted ourselves through a Match Chat. The Manager, was as you can imagine a Manager of a restaurant in the city that I held an event at. I remember meeting him the first time at my event and desperately trying to flirt with him and his teal colored tie … you know my weakness for this color.

Flash forward to meeting him for a 2nd time, this time virtually. The Manager was eager to set something up. We went for 1st date sushi, 2nd date game night, and then 3rd date drinks … and then we moved to our phones. No, not speaking on the phone, but texting … a lot of it. The Manager had me texting with him about the most random stuff ever, yet we hadn’t made it past 4 official dates. Via text I learned (& saw through text photos) what he would have for dinner, him on vacation in Miami, what type of underwear he wears, how many beers he had, how hung over he was, his snuggie, how late he had to work… and on and on…yet he didn’t pull the trigger to hang out. He was that busy, … strike #1.

Moving on to strike #2, the conversation chemistry just wasn’t there. Me being someone that could talk my own ear off, I need someone who can match me or at least keep the convo going. I would ask a question and he go on and on but not return the question – conversation etiquette 101 buddy. Strike #3, was on our 5th or 6th date (yea we eventually met up a few more times after a long period of lagging). At dinner, he dropped sooo many F bombs and centered the conversation around getting fucked up and getting high. Sure I can/have/and do those things from time to time. But, I do not make them the forefront of my personality nor do I shout about it over dinner. Like I said Strike #3. He was out.

Positive Play

I'm going to take it back to Strike #1 - really where I should have stopped and known. Concerned about why he isn’t asking me out AKA pulling the trigger … lets assess the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule of dating (thank you girlfriends for reminding me of this one): If he wants to hang out with you, he will make it happen. Period.

The Manager didn't so much live up to the Golden Rule. AND the silver lining here is, that is okay. Because when I think about it, I wasn't crushing on him. Meaning everytime my phone pinged, my whole body didn't jerk and snag my phone looking in hopes of a text message from him. Lets be honest we have all had those "ones". Where everytime the screen lights up we hope its "him". If anything I was ready for him to just get off the pot and stop texting me.

In the end, I think we were both doing the same thing for each other. We weren’t head over heels for one another, but both decent enough people to keep around in the texting rotation that fills up our days. I hate to say it, but we have either done that or know someone who has ... basically kept someone on text rotation. In the hopper, on deck, warming up ... basically that source of attention that we have some need to tap every once in awhile. The thing that I realized was ... Meh, O well. He was a great player, but just minor league...not The Show...

You're welcome for all of the baseball references, opening day is right around the corner. Go Giants. And if you go to Giants games this year, you might find The Manager at a popular restaurant by the park ... he'll be the one that is very busy with the teal tie. ;)



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