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Friday, March 18, 2011

You Go Boy...

As a preview to my dating doozies I have put together some of the latest (not even the best) messages that I have received on Match. I am not doing this to be an asshole, I'm doing this for 2 reasons:
1. A simple insight to all of you out there
2. Most Importantly, "You Go Boys" ... some of this stuff takes some serious huevos to say. So even though some of these messages weirded and creeped me out, I will still tip my hat to their "ambitious nature".

Past Messages (Note, they refer to me as my Match username, "PrettyAwesomeOne"... try and keep up. I have also listed their usernames as well. Enjoy:

Vrungel - 37 from Walnut Creek

Subject Line: People who are happy with who they are frighten...

People who are happy with who they are frighten me! ... And the huge sunglasses do not look good on you! ... You seem to be a cool person but for some reason I want to get into a verbal fight with you...

California_Moe 27 from Oakland

(No Subject)

hi pretty awesome, so how was ur day ?? hope it was good and u joined this nice weather today :)
I read your profile and took a look at your pics am really interested to know u more ,plus i really like short women, easy to carry her ! and when she start yelling on me in the street am just gonna put her on my shoulder and walk, its easy ;) , we really can do alot of things together , we can cook together , i really love to cook , and why not to go and explore some new areas or some new restaurants together ? or discover the sky by skydiving ;)
would like to meet u if there is any chance .
look forward to hear from u seriously am really interested

hotnhandsm 34 from Santa Clara

Subject Line: That million watt smile will light up an entire...

That million watt smile will light up an entire...

Are you a shy person around a hot and handsome guy like me?

- Harnish
ajmateo7 - 34 from San Mateo
(No Subject)
Im sitting here thinking how to describe myself to you..but how many ways can I use the word awesome in a sentence?? Jesus! Ha.
Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?
I think we can all agree that California_Moe 27 from Oakland might have been the most "unique".
;) Polly

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