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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, another New Years Blog Post...

You guessed it, Positive Polly coming out with a new blog post that will probably focus on the same things that many of you other bloggers have been writing. For example; a 2010 review, wishes for 2011 and of course resolutions, resolutions, resolutions...
No doubt, I will try to keep it interesting, funky and fresh for ya.

2010 a year in review:
No I will not bore you with my ENTIRE year in review. But I have to say that 2010 was a pretty big contributor to the creation of Positive Polly. Lots has happened this year alone that has allowed me to try to be a better and happier person everyday.
2010 held some special jems of good times...kicking it off with one of the BEST NYE's ever with my homegirl Gyna holding it down in Seattle with our new ceramic kitty, better known as Pussy. Thats right we named it and it was more than funny.

For those of you that know us bandits, you know that we had a blast ringing in the new year in what is now one of my favorite cities. Starting off the year this way was only an omen for more goodness to come.
Concerts and Sunday Fundays with friends were as usual all the rage for my Sac Town Trio - Gynes, Melly and Kimmy Boi.

It was also full of baby blessings and weddings o plenty, new mamas Carrie and Jacqueline - you are amazing and I miss you both!
Speaking of babies...My sister gave birth to my beautiful niece, Anabella Grace as well this year! Very excited to have a new lil girl in the family. We were surrounded with boys for wayy too long. Of course this year was full of fun play time with my best buddy, Joe Joe:
It wouldn't be right to not mention the Great Move of 2010. Well not that big of move, but leaving Sac Town for Oak Town was more difficult that I thought it would be, however I am SO happy for the change and I am in love with living here in the Bay. People like Nick, Kim, the Kleins, Mateo and new friends have made me feel like this is my new home. But I need to do a proper shout out to my Sac peeps...please know I miss you dearly, I mean it. Nothing out here will replace dance nights at press club, bike days, brunch at capitol garage, runs in the park, beers at streets, 2nd saturday art walk, or sunny porch parties. Love and miss you all.
My trip to South America was also ridonkulous and HUGE shout out to Kare Bear for hosting such an amazing life experience.

Lastly, this year has been a big one for me with my physical and health goals. 70 L.Bs have been shed and I'm hoping for a few more...depending on the Big 4 Dubs...The Big W.W.W.W = Weekly Workouts, Weigh-ins and Wine. Thank you to all of you that encouraged me on my journey thus far, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you, especially R.E.L, Mommie, Kim Kim, and Lola).

Wishes and Resolutions Life Solutions
Resolution #1 - Top 2010
Resolution #2 - Run a Half Marathon - for real this time...
Resolution #3 - Stay in Better Contact with my Friends and Family. Too often I let time pass and make excuses for not touching base and caring for those that I love. I need to do a better job at this. period.
Resolution #4 - Save and then Save some more for Resolution #5
Resolution #5 - Book a Ticket to Portugal/Spain

As far as my wishes are concerned... as usual I wish for myself/everyone to try to add a lil more positivity and compassion into their lives everyday. I wish to stay positive when I want to scream at the car in front of me, when they get my order wrong at the coffee shop, when I am let down, when something doesn't pan out, when my car is towed, or when I loose my keys ... everyday I face this challenge to let these arbitrary and minor defects either effect me and my person OR not. I wish to continue to live with a positive and lite heart because if 2010 is any sign of this, only good things are to come of this mentality.

Alright already, go out and choose to have a good day.

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  1. love this and I LOVE YOU!! Fundays await my sweet! Speaking of Ra Ra Riot is at Harlows on Jan 21st!! $15 for tix, what a steal!! Anyhoo I know I will be seeing you soon cutie pie :))))
    muchos besos!