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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be focused, friendly and phenomenal...

I've gone back and re-read a few of my blogs and I think I'm starting to sound like a bad motivational conference speaker. And looking back on my conference planning days, that's the last thing I want to resemble.
So today I'm going to share some things that actually MAKE me WANT to be positive. Things that bring me back to "center", things that I embrace to keep me focused, friendly and phenomenal...

Friendly Advice: We all have um, we all depend on um, and all of um give advice. Let's face it, some better than others, right?
Recently I got some friendly advice from, you guessed it, an ol friend via gchat. Even through that magical lil
green lite chat window, he enlightened me in a way that I did not see coming.
I was obsessing about a current life situation and being kinda of a
"debbie downer", that's right I said it, not Positive Polly, in fact I insist on NOT capitalizing "deb's" name, as I refuse to accept as a Proper Noun.
ANYWAYS...I was upset/disappointed with something and here is the gist of the chat:

me: I hate that I feel that way
Jeremy: Don't hate the fact that you're living realistically
me: its just such a damper
Jeremy: Because you let it be
me: dang
calling me out on some sh**
thank you
Jeremy: That just happened

The phrase in red above I think may look simple and not obvious to what I'm getting at...but let me digress.
Anytime we find ourselves in a "funk" or "let down" or "resentful" it is because we let ourselves feel that way. Sure this isn't true for each and every situation but day to day with things big and small, its true. I was letting myself feel funky about something and it was only because I let myself do that. Basically, as I'm sure Jeremy will agree...shit or get off the pot...own your emotions and don't just sit around waiting for the universe to change them because it won't. Thanks for the friendly advice Jer...I needed a dose of my own medicine.

DANCE IT OUT: Quite possibly my favorite thing to get me out of a funk. Not just any dancing. But the kind of dancing where you let it all go. You close your eyes or stare at the neon light...and think of nothing besides the electricity in the air moving your body. The "IT" that is danced out is different for everyone. For me I can get this release and "re-centering" of myself with live music or simply in a friends living room shakin it b/c no one cares what you look like. This leads me to Jen's Concert Series ....which is really concerts that I will/want to be going to and where I plan on Dancing It Out. Let me know if you would like to join:

Jen's Concert Series
January 21 - Zion I - Oakland
February 3 - Nels Cline - SF
February 4 - (its a secret) - SF
February 22 - Yo La Tengo - Oakland
February - Cake - SF
March 18 - Girl Talk - Oakland - SOLD OUT SH**
April 1 - Galactic - SF
April 12 - Bright Eyes - Oakland
April 15-17 - Coachella

My first Dance It Out Moment - circa 2004/5 - Old Ironsides, Lipstick Night. You know who you are if you were there. ....

Alright, signing out in my favourite colour....
Be Happy and Be Well,


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