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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back by Popular Demand …

Apparently my blog post entitled “Boys and Girls,” was a popular one and I’ve had requests to continue in that fashion. Sure, why not. So once again, I get to decompress my dating doozies in a public forum … and hopefully I don’t sound crazy … b/c I’m not … well a lil crazy never hurt no body ;).

A true blog master and a “Call it like I see it” – “don’t take no shit from anyone” type of gal has to be referenced first and foremost for her dating and match.com escapades.

Check my Breezy out at: My Vagina Monoblogs -http://datingdiary.wordpress.com/

If you’re into this…then you will be into her vagina…errr ya know.

So since my viewpoints on dating and mental mind trickery captivated my lil nitch of friends, I will continue.

To bring you up to speed and to clearly have no shame whatsoever I am announcing that I have officially been “dating” on Match.com. How did this happen?

Wellllll...a bottle of wine may or may not have been involved. It was a rainy Sunday in December. From the looks of it, it could have been a harmless Sunday Funday at home. But no, I pulled a very serious trigger. Somewhere between ¾ of the bottle down and a few helpings of peanut butter, I purchased a dating pool. A dating pool that has served to be incredibly diverse and interesting, I will admit that I probably wouldn’t have met most of the people that I have virtually dated through “winks” “favorite-ing” and messaging by just the stars aligning.

I honestly have no problem with online dating, I’ve had a positive experience with it prior to Match, however, what I always had a problem with was the “paying” for the service. Because trust me, that annoying chick from Millionaire Matchmaker is not inviting me to her office to orchestrate a meet n greet of my potential matches. Instead we pay for dating pool on clever taglines, photos, winks, ‘about me”, “about my date”, and daily “matches” emails.

I have fallen trap to it, and I can confidently say that at least I am doing this with the best odds of hopefully meeting someone cool that has some things in common and that has better intentions that the asshole that tried grabbing my legs at the bar the other night. SO I took the plunge and purchased a 1 month membership, with a First Time User additional complimentary month. That was followed by a brief period of not logging in and letting my account go inactive, then swiftly returning and reactivating. Details forthcoming.

It has been an adventure to say the least and boy have I met some interesting boys, all of which I have learned something from.

For today I will leave you with that and next time I will introduce you to my gentlemen callers, anonymously of course. I think my Match profile actually references Positive Polly Posts, got to gain readers somehow ;)

;) Polly

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