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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Praise Jesus

I’m finding myself getting inspired more and more by my friends and family. This blog entry was inspired by VERY different things/people/occurrences.
But the commonality between both of them funny enough is … Jesus.
For some strange reason when I type or say “Jesus” a few things come to mind, and just the thoughts entertain me, enjoy:
-Advent Program as a young kid at St. Mary’s school. St. Mary’s annual advent program was really a 4th grader’s religious fashion show. As young, cubby and unsure of who-she-would-be-one-day girl, I would beg and plead with my mom for a new Christmas dress to wear to the advent program – a night to celebrate in song, the birth of …you know it, everyone’s favorite baby in a manger, Jesus.
- High School days…o yes I followed Jesus to HS. This time as a-bit-more-assure-of-herself teenager, my reference point for Jesus was more of a remembrance of our World Religions class with Mr. Monfett. A strange but interesting and experienced man that I had a hard time impressing - probably because I started to question Jesus and not just dress for him.
- HS/College: “Look Look its JESUS!!” many a slumber party with a few select girlfriends watching The Sweetest Thing...here is the link to part I’m referencing.
- Now: Now, Jesus reminds me of … Jesus. Well not Jesus Christo but my friend Jesus (“hey-sus”). A great person and friend dropped some scripture on me the other day and as usual when I type these lengthy passages, I felt inspired. Now as an as-sure-as-she-has-ever-been-of-herself, I find my friends, family and experiences as my prophets, apostles, commandments, creed, code, church, Eucharist, reconciliation, and religion.
Jesus (friend), said this to me the other day and it stuck with me for some reason.
Jesus – “shit doesn't work out for a reason, found that out the hard way...if you don't wipe it clean that shit it will just spread and it gets even messier.”
ISN’T THAT GREAT!? I mean, really?! It’s really a sophisticated “Shit Happens” anecdote. If something isn’t perfect, or if life comes raining down (as it can sometimes)...Clean that shit up. Clean up the mess that you may find yourself in. If you don’t and expect the shit/mess/crappy thing to just disappear on its own, it won’t.
Clean up that shit because if you don’t…it will spread and who knows who you will be then – then it could get really messy.
I think it is too easy for us to sit back and point to things/circumstance/issues/people/etc and try to blame them for our “messes” that we find ourselves in. Through what Jesus said, I think that instead of trying to pass blame, as it may seem easier, I should just accept situations and challenges for what they are … and just move forward. Do a personal “clean up” and have faith in yourself.
I believe very much in faith in fate. Faith in my own fate, faith in who I am and how I lead my life. Faith in those things that affect me, faith in my family, friends and experiences. Faith in me. If you’re wondering what those words mean on my foot, well that should give you an idea.
So I may have a few different interpretations or what "Jesus" means or least reminds me of. But I hope that at the end of the day, I can faith in me to clean up the messes that I may find myself in. Or at least try and make it smell better.
"With a perspective",

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