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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bay Play Time

Bay Play Time...

This weekend was filled with all things great and a reassurance that I have many more things to accomplish in the Bay. This leads me to Bay Play Time.
The Weekend started on Thursday my first show at the Independent. The Nels Cline Singers.
The respectful crowd sat back and enjoyed the jamming of this 3 piece. Nels of course was amazing and continued to wail so hard that his body looks like its vibrating electrically so fast that it literally looks like he's levitating. Stand up bass slapped it for real.
G and I yet again had a perfect time together and I was grateful that we could see such a unique performance.

Friday night...was a grand time to say the least. After surprising Kimmy with tickets to the Little Dragon show, we had cocktails and play time at sunset on the lake and then got roaring to go over bridge. It felt nice, more than nice to have my people with me under one roof, car, train, cab, etc. all of which we shared during their visit. We also managed to fit in, a cannabis club, a flea market, re-used store, Lanesplitter, Kona Club, and Fentons. Pretty good I must say.
Backing up to the Little Dragon show...well the Sweeds did it again. Besides the afro that obstructed parts of our view, these guys kept us dancing all night...my dogs are still barking.
Opener Billygoat was impressive.
BILLYGOAT - web, click reels

For your entertainment this evening...here is a series of photo booth pics (compliments of Kimmy's iphone) from Friday Night...Nuff said.


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  1. I love and miss you already!! Super fun time, what's next?! See you in a couple weeks mamas!