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Friday, April 30, 2010

Positivily Postin' for the Weekend!

Hello again,

It has been a few days since my last post, which was sadly full of un-motivational thoughts and really just my long weekend talking (which is why I removed it).

Thankfully it's Friday again and this week wasn't so bad after all. As I am fighting off the sniffles I am eager to enter Mother's Day weekend with hopes of cherry sorting and drinking wine with my mommie.
Since it has been a few days since I last posted I have a few things to digress about and then I will make Monday's Post all about Mother's Day.

For now...the song of the day:
FIRST and foremost what got me through my incline run this morning, LCD Soundsystem's newest album, "This is Happening," track 3 "One Touch".
Those of you that know me are probably super tired of my obsessing about LCD. But to be honest I just love the way the music makes me feel. This song in particular was a surprisingly new favorite for me. Rumors had it that Mr. Murphy's new album was nothing in comparison to his previous works, after listening I beg to differ. And no it is not just because it is LCD and I love it. It's because to me the sign of a true artist/entertainer/creator is when he/she/they can keep creating time and time again, hitting the same sweet spot with their loyal fans yet still tapping new undiscovered places to bring the listener. In turn gaining more fans and appreciation with each album. Not repeating the exact same style, but instead playing with that style a bit but while maintaining enough of the "OG" creativity to hone in "who they are" and keep people like me swaying, jumping and fist pumping with my eyes closed. That sir is my definition of a true artist.
With that I am going to leave you with the link to the right for LCD Soundsystem's newest album, "This is Happening," track 3 "One Touch".

Next, "What's Up With That," for the day:
I could talk for hours about how much I loathe Lady Gaga (well I actually don't care to talk for hours about her...wait that sounded sooooo hipster :(). Anyways, for now I am going to address the Telephone Video. And NO I am not going to highlight it in my favorite color nor am I going to include a link to the "way too long" video. Memory serves me that someone told me the video is something like 10 minutes long. FIRST can I just say that Lady Gaga, you are not MJ. She cannot try to do the prime time viewing of music videos like MJ did. I remember sitting on my knees with my bother as a kid waiting for the new Michael Jackson Episode/Video to start. That was the time..."I remember the time..."
Not to mention the ridonkelous scenes in this ridiculous video. What's Up With That?! I think at one point she was a jail bird, then she was almost naked then she was making a sandwich with Mayo, then she got picked up by Beyonce in a lowrider truck that had "Pu**yWagon" painted on it. I could keep going on about the terrible diner/americana dance moves but I won't b/c it was at that point that I closed my web browser. What's Up With That?!
To poke at this video and bring a light-hearted and of course positive spin on things, a few friends posted this video earlier in the week on facebook and I thought I would share it here, so check it out under my links to the right. It's pretty funny.

And to tie off this post I'm going to leave you with the Positive Post for the day:
"Live In Whoville," Yes, Whoville as in the Grinch story. Why? Well even when the Grinch stole Christmas from the people of Whoville, they still carried on with life and didn't let the lack of presents and joy destroy them .... and eventually Christmas came back and they got to have their fun. So the moral of the story is to Live like you are in Whoville, on a bad day try not to take it out on others or when you feel defeated look on the up side that another bright and beautiful day lays ahead.
Live in Whoville this weekend people. Much love.


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