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Positive Polly Posts

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Positivily Postin'

Hi Everyone!

I have attempted blog writing before and failed. Mainly out of failed interest or just plain forgetting. I think now I actually have something to write about it. As a crazy, young and undecisive woman, I want to get some of the rhetoric that bounces around my head out in the open.

I am also on the verge of a new opportunity for work with which I would be blog writing quite frequently, soooo I thought all the better to start one now.

What can we expect to find on Positive Polly Posts?
  • Affirmations encouraging your own Positive Polly outlook
  • My goals and my story of achievement or failure - For the past 6 months I have taken on a new life challenge with my health and fitness in addition to attempting to enhance my career. I'll be sharing updates here and really looking for this to heighten my own need to be a Positive Polly
  • Videos and links of media to brighten your day - We email videos and link all day long between friends and coworkers and often actually go looking for funny web pages full of contradictions and embarrassments...so I'd to share what I find with whomever cares to visit.
  • What's Up With That? - Inspired by the SNL skit that is probably showcased too often and generally the skit is way too long, I'll posting about random facts or thoughts and proceed to ask, "whats up with that?"
  • The Color Teal - Expect it to be shown everywhere, its my signiture color...:P
  • LOTS of "..." elipseses...I like to use them...a lot...

For now I think that will do...hope to see you all around here soon!



  1. Much love to your blog, girl! I'll be reading alot. I love the positive idea. It remind sme of a journal I started and forgot about that's probably stashed in my night stand somewhere. Let me know if you want/need a running partner or w/e. I saw you run Cap Park, right? I go there, too, but seriously, I'm still in trying-to-go-further-than-a-mile training mode.

  2. Yay!! My first comment!!!
    Love it!
    Yes, Kim was going to be my running mate, but then she went and moved to the bay on me. :(
    I am no pro at running now either, lets work on the training and we will running far in no time. I'm going to sign up for the Cowtown 1/2 marathon in October...can't do it alone, just throwing that out there :).