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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Positivily Postin' 4/29

Good Day!

Today for starters you can find a link to my song of day... One Eskimo "Kandi" ... happy and sweet tune that has an interesting and compelling way of building up throughout the song that really gets ya "into it".

Next some Positive Postin:

Today, one of my favorite people, joined me in Spin Class this morning. Let's just say that 5:15am came wayyyy to fast and getting up on time to actually make a class that early is pretty hard to do so close to the end of the week.
BUT, with my friendie joining me this morning I had all the more reason to jump out of bed, well rolled is more like it. ANYWAYS, the Spin Instructor, which for now on I will refer to as Spin Doctor ... it's just appropriate, she said the following phrase that I thought was post worthy:

"Who are you working for? You have to go work for somebody else later, right? Right now, WORK FOR YOURSELF."

Thanks Spin Doctor for that inspiring take on busting my ass, I really needed it.
For Today's, What's Up with That?, I have attached a link to the hilarious way too long SNL skit, so you can see where I got the saying from as well as get a lil chuckle.
But for real, today's What's Up with That? topic:
  • A friend of mine and her Girlfriend went to Future Fitness, a local gym where they live inquiring about starting a family gym membership. They were told that Family Memberships were for Man & Women. Whats up with that?
  • So I can see if the gym said no if there were no children...but one of these lovies does have children. So the family component is there. Whats up with that?
  • It just really grinds my beans, that people can really say and do the things that they do. Not to mention that THIS IS A GYM we're talking about ... I mean really Future Fitness? Really? REALLY?

That's it for, Whats Up With That?" today.

Everyone Enjoy your day, we are that much closer to Friday.

Peace out,



  1. WTF? I feel like "Future Fitness" should change it's name to "Totally Effed Stuck in the Effing '30s Fitness". Or something like that. I love that you're doing this! Keep 'em coming! And let me know where this uber-lame gym is and whether or not we should sue them. Love!

  2. this gym is in good ol yuba city.... santos your rad! love that u did this

  3. KT, I know right?!!? I just hate that my friends are being treated that way. No likie...
    I'll keep the posts coming, its fun!

    Mex, of course friend...no one treats my Mexi that way!!

  4. does that gym happen to only let white people there too? blasphemy ... ignorance