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Friday, April 30, 2010

Positivily Postin' FRIDAY

Anyone else excited its Friday? I AM.

Speaking of positiveness...I had a positively wonderful evening last night. Here we go:

For starters I got to see one of my favorite girls EVER, Miss. Carrie Carothers...but now, Mrs. Carrie Cregor!!
Carrie just recently got married to her Jakeie Poo and they are now expecting a baby girl. It has been so great to see Carrie on the journey to motherhood. I remember when the adventure first started, concepts like staying in on a Friday night, being called mom or good lord BREAST Feeding!, were distanced and daunting ideas. But as I have had the pleasure of seeing Carrie throughout her pregnancy she has developed a way of embracing this life that she and her husband have created and has done so with the up most adoration, maturity and love.
Words can't describe how happy and excited I am for the JOY that this baby girl is going to bring to their lives.
Last night as Carrie and I dined on side salads and polenta at One Speed (excellent by the way) we caught up on work, boys and babies. I feel that just about every time I see Carrie I see her wearing the metaphoric "hat" of an amazing mother. As a single woman, watching one of her dear friends go through this experience my heart just about skips a beat.
So today I tribute my "Positive Post" to Carrie and Jake, for making the world better by bringing a lil babe into our crazy world. I cannot wait to meet her.
Now that its clear that I have a girl crush on Carrie I'm going to move on....

After dinner, I headed out for drinks with my roommate in crime, Lola, to Shady Lady to celebrate my new friend, Erica's birthday. With the perfect amount of jazz, whiskey, vermouth and swankiness in the air...we enjoyed whiskey.gingers with our new friends.
And now for the What's Up With That, moment of the evening:
After discovering that Erica is practically a neighbor of ours and talking about how we need to BBQ and make Round Corner outings together. We briefly described our house with the "Purple Door" and we found out that Erica's sister used to LIVE in our house...it gets more crazy, her sister lived in Lola's room. What's Up With That!? Sacramento is such a small world.
So Happy Birthday Erica, we better see you at our house soon neighbor! (Lil shout out to Foster Freeze, wish I could have seen more of you friend, we are due for a hang out soon!)

The third stop of the night was Sol Collective (see link to the right) some form of an art collective that often has entertainment. As we approached the doors and the $10 cover to see a live show of Chico Mann and Sister Crayon, we also eyed the make shift bar with sodas, water and arizona iced teas...and then we left and immediately headed for Tower Liquors to pick up our friend Mr. Jameson. Kinda terrible that we are both thinking the same thing. Priorities. I swear we are not boozehounds, we just wanted a cocktail. I think.
After the Liquor Store Sales Man of the Year got us to buy the bigger bottle, we headed back to Sol Collective and soon found out that they were serving beer and wine...Booze FAIL.
After gettin it to afro/electronic/hip hop with Chico Mann, a random stamp on my neck and then the mesmerising sounds of Sister Crayon we headed home for a late night snack and a DVRed episode of The Office. An end to a proper Thursday evening.
I encourage you check out the links to the right of Chico Mann and Sister Crayon (hailing from Sac).

What a night right? Well, I got a little of everything...the joys of pregnancy, catching up with a great friend, celebrated a birthday, met a new neighbor/friend, found a new spot for music/art, got haggled by a liquor store sales men, saw some new music and laughed my arse off at The Office.

Love you all and happy stinkin blinkin Friday!



  1. Excellent night. I knew we were destined to be friends and last night just reconfirmed everything. Turns out that you are not a "random girl that Erica met at Streets and was hanging out with on St. Patty's Day". ha! I'll be stoppin' by the purple house soon for sayyy, a cup of sugar or a bbq or something like that....

    great night.

  2. When you say you got a little bit of everything and include "the joys of pregnancy" it sounds like a euphemism for sex. Just saying. Good job blogging though, you are off to an auspicious start. I hope you can keep up this frenetic pace :)

  3. Erica...yous da bomb girl. I too knew it was destiny...ps we will be in the gayborhood tonight, I am requesting you presence.

    Nickie...you are absolutly right about that...oopss..unfortunutly that ain't the truth dog. Thanks for the kudos, I'm loving it, I'm sure I will lag off but hopefully a couple times a week would be good.
    where are you? I'm assuming not in sac...if so call my ass.