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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Choose To...26 my year in review

Hello again,

Today's Positive Post is entitled :
"Choose To" after the following motivational epitaph that a good friend, no GREAT friend sent to me literally years ago (thanks G).
Here we go:
"Choose to not live a life of mediocrity
Choose to not argue about trivial things
Choose to not worry, fret or cry about small injustice
Choose to not let others control your destiny
Choose to be punctual, orderly and diligent
Choose to believe in yourself
Choose to live a life of action not words
Choose to practice, drill and rehearse
Choose to be a positive person
Choose to never quit learning.
And by making these choices you have now chosen to be successful. "

I have this posted in my office and I try to remind myself to look up at my cork board and read these inspiring and mindful words. As always, this is not my soapbox to say that I have mastered these things and you should too. In NO way is this me tooting my horn. No way, I struggle with a lot of these simple words daily. Some days I can master the idea of "believing in myself" and other days I feel knocked down. Or some days it feels necessary to procrastinate just a tincy bit. The point here is that I think this lil anecdote is something that can give us hope in ourselves, that we are capable people.
I think that a lot of the time we unconsciously sell ourselves too short. I know I can do that to myself, self sabotage, no good.
This leads me to my, "Whats Up With That?" for the day. As you can see I highlighted the, "Choose to not let others control your destiny" .
I'm beginning to see that I have let people, jobs, excuses do this to me. This is no one else's fault besides my own. Talk about an Ah haa moment! Sure I can blame things on external circumstances, weather, sleep, timing, sickness, the moon, my zodiac sign, bad Chinese, car trouble, etc for why I didn't do or stopped something that would have benefited my destiny. But really I am in control of Me. No one or No thing. Just me. A very empowering and surprisingly scary realization. Whats up with that!?
Leave it to the eve of my 27 birthday to post this. Perhaps it is the shadow of 30 approaching me like a mountain that seems unfathomable to climb. So here I go with all of this life stuff.
What I do know is that I am capable of the life that I want to live and sometimes I have to remind myself of this daily... and I do believe that I am quite normal...so maybe some of you feel the same...? Or am I the only one experiencing what seems to be a quarter life awakening??... haha. Whats up with that?!

What I do know is 26 has served me well. I have a had so many great, amazing and ridiculous experiences. From concerts of new and old favorites, trips to new places, bike rides, sunday fundays, new friends and reconnecting with old friends, new job(s), the joys of dating, a new health but most importantly I have learned a lot. It has been a good year.
I think 27 is going to be even better and if I keep trying to look up at my cork board more often and remind myself to "Choose to...", 27 will kick 26's butt!



Coming up in my next posting...Birthday Week Happenings...including Bay to Breakers, Birthday Sheenanis and much more.

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