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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Postin with the Most In

Hey Ya'll

Well it has officially been a month since I have blogged. And today there is going to be no sign of an amazing comeback. But tomorrow there will be ... tomorrow
I am tired and I don't think I can look at the computer screen for much longer. How positive of me!

BUT ... I will give you a teaser of what is to come:

Bay to Breakers & Birthday Shenanigans
The Cherry Hut Chronicles (new for 2010)
Tales From the Gym (this concept started as a common facebook post, but I have gotten requests for more so I will add this to the line up in my blog).
New Addition to the Santos tribe - Anabella Grace...coming soon July 22...ps, whats with all the babies!!!???
Music, Concerts, Shows, Outings, News and of course my own random outlook on life trying, striving and at times struggling time and time again to stay as positive as can be...

On that note....I am going to REPOST, my positive post for the day...just because I love it so, and it has been a FRIGGEN month...

"Choose to not live a life of mediocrity

Choose to not argue about trivial things

Choose to not worry, fret or cry about small injustice

Choose to not let others control your destiny

Choose to be punctual, orderly and diligent

Choose to believe in yourself

Choose to live a life of action not words

Choose to practice, drill and rehearse

Choose to be a positive person

Choose to never quit learning. And by making these choices you have now chosen to be successful. "

see you all real soon.

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