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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heart and Soul

Recently I was reminded by a friend that my blog followers put their Heart and Soul into reading this so I should refrain from the "teaser" blogs ... like the past 2.

So I'm back. Enjoy some updates of my journeys:

As promised Bay to Breakers Shenanigans ... speaking of Nick...a group of us convened at Nick and Kim's lovely new home in Oakland and prepped for what would be one of the longest (earliest) beverage consuming days ever. Its been a while since I cracked a beer at 6:30am and enjoyed the sweet (or not so sweet) taste of Bud Light.
As we boarded BART at 6:30 AM in our Shower Caps and Robes garb we were greeted by actual "racers" as they giggled, pointed and stared at our short shorts, short robes, shower caps, long socks and fanny packs, the only plausible response we had was, "Do you guys know where we can find a shower?"

From there we ventured to a rooftop party (mind you at 7:30am) there we get reved and ready for the day to come. As you can imagine the day was a bit crazy... backpacks of beer, costumes o plenty, donut holes, phallic shaped buildings, drunken cheetah, too many ninja turtles, the street o pee, hayes hill madness, Jesus, the Pope, the most amazing portapotties, butt slapping, and old and new friends.
I ran with an oldie but a good crew that day, 2 of my boys that I have been friends for years (since I was 19, yikes). It was great playing with them for the day and reliving the days when we were young and drinking all day in costumes was a common occurrence. Luff chew guys.

The Cherry Hut Chronicles
Big Ralph is at it again this year...this time with a sidekick, his son. That's right people, Ralphie is now a full time El Camino Packing employee. History must repeat itself..Santos and Son is back...
For an update on this years cherry crop, check out my link to the right. A local news team came out to the orchards and interviewed the Ralphs.

Whats Up With That??
2 things...
1. Deadliest Catch airing the death of one of the captains. Seriously? I walked into the break room today and as I'm prepping my breakfast as a news station is discussing how terrible it is that the Discovery Channel showed one of the featured captains passing and death. Not to mention with his son in the back ground watching what would probably be the worst day of his own life. The contradiction that this new station is broadcasting to 100's of thousands of people disgusts me. The story as told by the barbie/ken duo, attempted to depict concern or astonishment that the DC would show such an event. BUT the ENTIRE time barbie/ken were talking the footage from the Discover Channel was looping in the back ground over and over and over again. Not only do I wave my pointy finger at the what I thought was a decent and semi respectable source of reality TV, Discovery Channel. But I'm obviously disgusted with the news station that was looping the footage. I'm assuming at this point I don't have to share my sentiment about how private that matter is. More importantly cameras were only rolling for money and us dumb Americans that can't get enough of someone else's problems. WHATs UP WITH THAT!?
If I can encourage you to do anything...please don't youtube it, google it, bing it, hulu it etc...thats how we can show respect.
How's that for heart and soul Nickie?

What's up with that #2:
2. Pre-Date Rituals for Men:
Everyday on my commute to work I listen to Mark & Brian in the morning on 96.9FM. This morning the guys were naming off rituals men should do before a first date (see link to right for descriptions). As I was listening I heard things that I haven't seen a man do for me in years, I started to wonder about the dating pool that us twenty somethings are dealing with. Check out the list.
- Shine your shoes
- Clean your car
- Apply Fragrance an hour before you meet
- Manscape
- Iron your shirts
- Pack a date kit: gum, breath mints, money, etc
- Shave
- Clean your sheets and your bathroom
- Confirm your plans
- Work out

Now, let me digress for a moment. Some of these rituals are a lil fancy for my liking...that being said I am more of a low maintenance girl and am completely turned off by the high maintenance man that truly manscapes his face like a race track or expects to wooo me into his clean sheets b/c he shined his shoes. BUT to me I found it interesting, because it seems like the art of the "First Date" is fading fast in our generation...its more like "lets get a drink" or "I'll text you" or "meet you there" or "if you're around...". And in NO way are things necessarily bad, nor are men the only ones causing this lack of romance and chivalry. Because that's really what it is right? Romance. B/C in the grand scheme of things, romance means business. Business time. OR it means that your feelings and intentions are out there, take them or leave them. And isn't that what people seem to be hiding or rather protect? For the good or the bad of those feelings, they are pushed aside.
No I am not jaded, No I am not a man-hater, Yes, I will stay positive in this dating pool. :)
I just found it an interesting discussion topic. "I'm getting verklempt, here, I'll give you a topic...dating in 2010, discuss" I heart Mike Myers.

Alright everyone, open your minds and have a beautiful day... <3

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  1. The "art" of the first date is indeed fading.

    The myth that every woman you'd like to meet up with in way or another is art-of-the-first-date worthy is being exposed. Facebook, "hook up culture" (which increases in bad economic times because full on dates can be expensive) and the social dynamics of big cities have put us in more contact with so many different people that the finesse that is applied to a first date is becoming relatively rarer.