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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello again,

It has been a very very very eventful week/weekend.

Its amazing how much can change in a weekend. I have just finished packing a HUGE suitcase that somehow needs to fit all of my belongings for my first week away from Sacramento. What a crazy week this is going to be...
- Exploring my way throughout Piedmont, Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco.
- Starting a new job that is bound to change me forever. Gulp. Eyes Wide Open.
- Saying goodbye for now to friends that I love
- Saying hello to old friends and making new connections
- Saying hello to my new Niece! Anabella Grace

As everyone has been telling..."I have many new adventures to come". This encouragement has kept me more that positive. Of course the hardest thing about all of this is leaving those that I love, those that I feel normal around, that I feel at home with and those friends that have supported me throughout the past 8 years. Tear.
BUT I couldn't have asked for a better situation...amazing job, new environment, and great family to stay with.

The sunshine has been out this week and I have been soaking in it. That vitamin D has done me good.
Looking for some fun tonight...maybe some trouble!

Here is the link to our next race in SAN FRANCISCO!


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