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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Captain’s log, Wednesday September 8th 2010, 6:31pm

Captain’s log, Wednesday September 8th 2010, 6:31pm

I’m writing this from what I think the captain just said, “41,000 feet” (is that right?) and (1) really large and expensive airport beer deep.

I’m having a moment in a surprisingly spacious airplane cabin. At 6:05PM I (passenger A47) boarded my SW flight to Denver, on my first “traveling” with wings adventure with CitySolve (CS). CS has a race in both Denver this Saturday September 11th.

Myself and amazing coworker slash partner in crime slash amazing, Andrea (ooo ooo yea girl blog shout out!!!) will meet in Denver tomorrow to finalize the plans for what will be another race day of debauchery on Saturday. From here I get to have my wonderful friend, Lola from Sacramento/Colorado pick me up from the airport and celebrate my first trip to Colorado. Lucky girl I am.

Its here, as I stretch my legs, b/c no one is sitting next to me that I compose this blog and that I have a self proclaiming …. AAAHAAA moment.

For those of you facebook followers that I know from my S.T.A.R days as a youngen, you hopefully as I do remember our morning sessions with our S.T.A.R leaders where we rehearsed and studied the idea and the concept of an actor’s character, “AHAA” moment. I know I do. For those of you that didn’t join us for Summer Theater Arts Repertoire (fancy words for Summer Acting Camp) at the ripe age of 12, try to follow along if you can’t figure out what a 12 year old could – an AAHAAA moment.

This AHA moment is brought on as I stare out the small rectangle window headed to a destination that I have never been and I have nothing but excitement.

I think a little over a year ago, I would be full of anxiety and nerves. Well, the person I was a year or 2 ago wouldn’t have boarded the plane, left Sacramento or quit her stable job and took on one of the biggest leaps of her life. This Jen/Positive Polly did just that – a year later I/ME/MYSELF/JEN/POLLY did that. And that is my AHA moment.

And I couldn’t be happier.

For those of you close enough to know who I was 2 years ago (not just 1 year) – you know that I was not I/ME/MYSELF/JEN/POLLY. I had let something/one destructive take over me like a disease and it was 2 years ago that I started curing myself of that sickness and began the adventure of finding who I/ME/MYSELF/JEN/POLLY really was.

Well here I am. And I Love I/ME/MYSELF/JEN/POLLY. I am now officially who I want to be and where I want to be (of course not perfect and this journey is no where near over).


For my Positive Polly quote of the day, I want to repeat a similar idea from above.

Find the version or yourself that you like the most…and be that person everyday. By reminding myself to be the best and most positive version of myself – I have found myself here.

As I try to reiterate my thoughts, I don’t have everything figured out and I DO NOT know the key(s) to happiness, but I know what makes me a lil better and really that’s all I can hope for, for anyone…just to always try and be a lil better.

Signing off…still at some absurd height in the sky…now (1) glass of red wine deep (cheers mom).



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