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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calling all Boy Bloggers

Calling all Boy Bloggers
For over a year now, ya'll have been listening to me, my viewpoints, my stories, my experiences and hopefully my positive - ity.  I'm trying out a new thing for the next two blogs.  I'd like to invite men, man-friends, boys, males to the conversation.  That's right, a male blog ghost writer, a special guest, a chance for the men to have their take.  I don't need to know you personally.  Or we can also be friends ... or dislike each other.  Either way leave a comment with your information or EMAIL ME with your interest.

Topics can include (however I am open to anything ... get creative.
1.  A man's stories of dating 
2.  A man's experience on Match.com
3.  A man's viewpoint on women and what he wants 
4.  Or really anything revolving around the wonderful world of dating and the doozies it throws you.

My only rules are:
1. You cannot refer to any of your dates or ladies of the night by their real name.
2.  No lady bashing
3.  Have a takeaway ... Positive Play from your experience. 

I'm starting with 2 blogs. LMK ASAP. Leave a comment with your info OR email me by CLICKING HERE.

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