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Friday, May 13, 2011

Life by the Handle Bars

Typing to tunes: Cause = Time by Broken Social Scene, Intro by The Xx, Rest My Chemistry by Interpol

Hi there dearest friends, readers, strangers…this blog moment finds me typing to tunes after a VERY long weekend in Denver. I’m pretty much a zombie after the past few days of work, sleep anxiety, funx and sunshine.

This long weekend backs up to a very busy Thursday Cinco de Mayo with last minute packing and event prep for our race in Denver. After packing up the last of my clipboards, double sided tape and sharpies I had an impromtu guest and celebrated the Cinco with a few Pacificos, and Lake lights. What seemed like just a few hours later … (o wait b/c it was) I caught my flight at 6:15 AM…special shout out to my Dog Nick for waking up at the butt crack to drop me off.

From the moment I landed it was work work work till the race wrapped at round 4:00pm on Saturday … and from there … it was … well … que loco. Beer, whiskey, fire fighers, whiskey, red bull, ninja turtles, jager, Spike, Tuaca, beer, dancing, a house party, lost sunglasses, sandles and my mind. I will leave you with that sentence to describe my weekend and let you fill in the blanks. My own personal version of mad libs.

For now, onto perhaps more interesting topics – Where was I with my Match.com escapades…o Yes, I teased you with a few names. Today I’ll introduce you to “Handle Bars”.

O boy. Mr. Handle Bars is an engineer from Berkeley and like a few others I have chatted with, he’s from the Mid West. We met for drinks at a bar in Oakland and preceded to have great conversation … all the typical first date stuff…family, friends, work, religion, music, sports, life…but…he had a Mustache. Not just any Mustache but the most ridiculous mustache that it was a cross between a handle bar mustache and the mustache that curls up. Some of you have heard my rants about mustaches…I think they are awful. I also think they are hilarious, a great party theme. There are some men that can pull it off honestly. But this whole “trend” of growing out your facial hair when in result you only look creepy and probably ½ as attractive as you really are … I don’t get it.

I couldn’t take him serious at all and the “chemistry” just wasn’t there. I can’t help but wonder if it was because of the stache?

Positive Play Well … a few things I learned from this first and only date with Handle Bars…

1. I don’t like mustaches (note: I fully support beards and goats)

2. “You can take the girl from the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”. As I have continued to put myself “out there” and date I have started to really listen to myself talk and I can see how much of a “small town girl” I am. Or rather the values I hold are in a way telling of my roots and where I come from. The Country.

Handle Bars and I had a lot of viewpoints in common on anything from music to communicating, to our relationships with our parents to money and religion. He mentioned a few times how familiar I sounded, like I was from his small town in Ohio. So I guess, the Positive Play with this guy, is that it didn’t hurt. Instead it was helpful in painting a picture of who I am perceived to be….and the best part is, that I like that person.



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