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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deep Thoughts by my Big Brother

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Today's entry will not be featuring a man NOT of the dating/partner/I like you more than a friend/boy variety. Instead I will be focusing in on words wisdom from a very deep brotha.
That would be my brother, my Big Brother, Tommy Boy, Bro, Brah. I thought it only fitting to name this post, "Deep Thoughts", after a favorite skit that I remember watching as a kid on SNL with my brother man. But really I was inspired to write this after a conversation with my him ... and lets just say ... it got deep.
Well as conversations often do with him we got off on some tangent where we were sure that our opinions would solve all of the worlds problems and that we of course know all.
If you know myself or my brother you know that we are not the preachy type, but honestly we were really onto something.
The topic ... of course. Dating and relationships.
At times it has felt that my brother and I have been under the proverbial magnifying glass about our relationship status. Me, single as usual. Him, in a long distance relationship.
The question that prompted this conversation was, "Why do we get into relationships?
Big Brother's answer - "Endorphin's,". His opinion, to which I agree slightly, (and the girl in me will keep me from agreeing completely) is that the reason we feel so strongly about the people we meet is really just a chemical reaction. The excitement is derived from a chemical reaction of something new, something different, mysterious, provoking, interesting - that ladies and gents is our endorphines according to this prophet.
Is that why so many of us end up in the wrong relationships? I'll be the first to admit, been there done that. As my brother makes this argument, I can agree that my endorphines or initial excitement about that person is primarily drew me like a laser beam to that relationship.
The "newness" of all it at first, swept me away and blinded me from the realities or the non-endorphine life that everyone else was living around me.
As I thought more and more about this, I saw a similar pattern with men that I just minorly dated and really only moderately liked.
So because I have not made it to the glorious land of monogamy I assume that maybe there is some truth in this.
So then how will I know if I really do meet someone ... someone that make me feel uncontrollably different that anyone else? OR will it just be the endorphins?

OR take this thought even deeper... Obviously these silly little intriguing tickling and teasing emotions have worn off in my past. I'm going to call my past or experience with men, "Man Time," from here on out.
So in my Man Time, this theory actually stands true. Yes, it is all endorphines and nothing else. My Man Time has brought me some not so great and some really good men. However, past that stage of excitement they haven't so much turned out...so I can't remember what my brothers conclusion was ... but mine is - this must be what all those love birds say, "You will know it when you meet them,"... jury is still out on that one.

Coming soon ...
-The big debate - to take match profile down or not?
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- Tales from my Single Sisters

With Love,

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